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Ribbon Embroidery

Silk ribbon embroidery is a romantic old art that uses ribbon, embroidery floss and perle cotton to work beautiful motifs and decorative stitches. It is either enjoyed in its pure form and can be combined with Brazilian embroidery, cross stitch, crazy quilting and Hardanger among others.

Silk ribbon embroidery is a delicate Victorian art of embroidery. There is an antique quality to this form of embroidery. Though, it looks very complicated but it is very easy and fun to do. It is mainly done by hand on garments, accessories and home furnishings. There are many different embroidery stitches used in this art, though the popular ones are ribbon stitch, lazy daisy stitch, straight stitch, stem stitch and French knot. These can be used alone or in combinations to create large array of floral motifs and stitch patterns. The ribbon stitch is for ribbon only but the others can be used with ribbon or thread. Sequins, pearls and stones can be combined with ribbon art to make rich, lively looking embellishments for garments, quilts, accessories and home furnishings. Some other stitches that are used are, feather stitch, fly stitch, split stitch and fly stitch fern.
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Stone Work Embroidery

We offer a beautiful stone work in countless patterns on various fabrics. Our plethora of designs are exclusively made while keeping in mind the latest trends prevalent in the market. We have a unique collection of stones including precious and semi-precious stones in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. Designed to suit the distinct taste of fashion conscious customers, our creations are available in vibrant and bold colors. We also offer customization of art work to meet the requirements of global customers.

Stone work is really used to highlight embroidery. The current trend is to use crystals and semiprecious stones. Stones can be used alone as a centerpiece or in formation of lines and other various ways. They can be incorporated in any kind of embroidery to highlight it. The colored stones give an ostentatious look. Stones give an extra sense of physical realism to the embroidery. This embroidery is little on the expensive side. There are cheaper versions of stones as well available.
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Sequin Work Embroidery

Sequin Embroidery are disk shaped beads used for decorative purposes and are available in a wide variety of colors and geometrical shapes. It is a kind of an embroidery work done in apparel and other handicrafts to look attractive and rich. Sequin embroidery designs may be stitched flat to the fabric, so that they do not move, and are less likely to fall off; or they may be stitched at only one point, so that they dangle and move easily, to catch more light. We offer a spectrum of brilliant sequinwork to our customers as per their choice.

Sequin Embroidery are disk shaped beads or discs used for decorative purposes. They are available in a wide variety of colors and geometric shapes. They are commonly used on clothing, jewelry, bags and other accessories. Although coins are still used as sequins in some cultures, modern sequins tend to be made of plastic. They may also be referred to as spangles, paillettes or diamantes. They may be stitched flat to the fabric so that they do not move and are less likely to fall off. Or they may be stitched at only one point, so that they dangle and move easily to catch more light. Some sequins are made with facets to increase their reflective ability. Sequins got their name from the Arabic Sikka meaning a coin or disc. The custom of stitching sequins and similar coins to women’s clothing, particularly headdresses, face veils and over the bosom and hips, originally arose as a way to display the family’s wealth. It was this ancient wisdom that led to the use of sequined fabric and trims in moderns fashion, and expanded the definition of sequin beyond coins to include this particular type of decoration.
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Thread Work Embroidery

Thread embroidery is the embellishment of wide range of materials achieved with a variety of types of thread, for example; cotton, silk, wool, gold and silver wires. The work can be made on a frame or in the hand, the choice depends on several factors. There are many kinds of stitches involved.

There are two kinds of threadwork embroidery, surface embroidery and counted thread embroidery. In surface embroidery, the pattern is worked using decorative stitches and laid threads on top of the foundation fabric rather than through the fabric. In counted thread embroidery, the fabric threads are counted by the embroiderer’s before inserting the needle into the fabric. Usually, an even weave fabric is used for this kind of embroidery. The various kinds of embroidery in thread are Kantha, Kashida, kasuti, Gara, Phulkari and Kutch work. All kind of stitches are used here like chain, satin, open chain stitch, long and short, French, interlacing, herringbone, running, stem and back stitch etc.
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Zardozi Embroidery

Zardozi embroidery is imperial metal embroidery. It is done after stretching the fabric on a wooden frame and individually the zardozi element is incorporated into the pattern by being picked up by a needle, which is then pushed into the fabric. Zardozi is rich embroidery, which is intricately woven in golden and silver. It can also be studded with pearls and precious stones to enhance the exquisiteness of rich and glowing fabrics like silk, velvet and brocade. We also welcome ideas and drawings from clients to deliver them with customized designs.

Zardozi embroidery is beautiful metal embroidery which once used to embellish the attire of the Kings and royals in India. Zardozi has been in existence in India form the time of Rig Veda . There are numerous instances mentioning the use of Zari embroidery as ornamentation on the attire of Gods. It was done with pure silver wires and gold leaves in olden days. The word Zardozi comes from Persia where Zar means gold and Dozi means embroidery. The embroidery is done on a wooden frame on which the fabric is stretched and the design is traced first. The elements used in embroidery are salma ( gold wire), sitaras ( metal stars), sequins, Glass beads ,dabka ( springed gold wire) and kasab ( wire ).The needle is used to pull out each zardozi element and then, it is integrated into the basic design by pushing the needle into the fabric. The fabrics used are silk, satin, velvet etc.
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